July Newsletter

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Brrrrrr… Winter has well & truly hit Melbourne, but while it may be cold outside, things are definitely heating up in our classes! We have some hot new tracks to beat the winter chill and have posted some of them on You Tube, so take a look & let us know what you think.

With school holidays just around the corner, remember that all classes are running as per usual right through the holidays.

We will be holding a presentation night , with the date to be announced soon, so keep your eyes & ears open for that one.

Back by popular demand, we are reintroducing our Thursday requests night. Just fill in a comments form or email us with your favourite song by Wednesday night & you’ll be shaking your booty to it on Thursday night.

Keep smiling & stay warm!

Zumba® Peace & Love


Congratulations  Anne!

100 classes & still

going strong!



Classes are on as usual over the school holidays. No babysitter? Bring the kids along for FREE & let them join in the Zumba® Fitness fun!

Comments & Suggestions

We have had some great suggestions from you over the past couple of weeks.

As a result, we are bringing back our Thursday night request night. Just let us know which song you want to hear by filling in a comments form or email us by Wednesday night to give us enough time to add it to our play list.

Keep your suggestions coming!


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½ cup of oats

½ teaspoon of chia seeds

½ cup of almond/oat milk

1 tablespoon of coconut flakes

1 tablespoon of natural yoghurt

Nuts and seeds if you would like

Grated apple

Fruit for the topping– raspberries,

peach, strawberries, plum, fig


Method: Mix all the ingredients, except the fruit for the topping, straight into the jar/cup, mix them all together. The jar can now be put in the fridge overnight and will be ready to go in the morning.

The sugars from the fruits will sweeten the oats giving them a delicious flavour. The milk and yoghurt softens the oats overnight, making them easier to digest. 


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