January Newsletter 2011

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Happy New Year Zumba Family!

I hope you all had a chance to relax and spend quality time with those you love over the Christmas period.

Now are you ready to get back to the Zumba  party?!!

We are back, bigger & better than ever, with special guest instructors and events coming up, including our upcoming Zumbathon to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, new venues and classes.

The finishing touches to these events are in the works as we speak, so be sure to check the website and newsletters to keep updated on what’s happening.

I look forward to catching up with you all in class and hearing about your adventures while on your break!

Wishing you happiness, success and Zumba health for the New Year!

Zumba Peace and Love,



We will be resuming classes at RAFT on Saturday 15th January 10.30am with special guest instructor, Belinda Morrison!

Come down and support Belinda as she pumps up the Zumba Fitness energy to get you back into the spirit for 2011.

Classes will continue on Thursday nights 7.00pm

Special “Zumba Al Fresco” classes will be held at Park Ridge on Monday 24th & Wednesday 26th January at 7.00pm (weather permitting).

The “new look” Park Ridge Hall classes will officially commence on Monday 31st January at 7.oopm and continue Wednesday nights 7.00pm


With the Queensland flood waters rising, more and more families are facing the loss of their homes, businesses & loved ones.

Until the end of January, please assist us in raising funds for those affected by this tragedy by contributing a gold coin donation in all Zumba Fitness classes. Donations of higher amounts are also welcomed!

We will also be arranging a special Zumba class, to be announced in the next few days, with all proceeds donated to the Queensland Flood Relief Fund.

Please check your emails and our website for the latest updates.


Just to get you in the mood to shed those Christmas kilos, we are offering $80 for 11 classes! This means your 1st class back will be free!

This surpasses our previous special and is ONLY available for purchase this Saturday 15/01/2011 AND  Thursday 20/01/2011 at RAFT.

What a great way to start the Zumba New Year, so be sure to bring your family and friends to take advantage of this exclusive offer!

Don’t forget our yearly memberships. Only $699 for unlimited classes (not valid for special events). That is AMAZING value and a fantastic way to make a healthy commitment to your fitness and well being in 2011.


I love hearing about how Zumba Fitness has changed your life and would like you to share them as an inspiration to others. Please email me a couple of paragraphs, whether it is about weight loss, relationships, career, or a positive experience you would like to share to include in the newsletter. You can remain anonymous if you wish. You will receive an email to approve before I include it in the monthly newsletter.

Share the Zumba Love!


I will always treasure the memories I have of my first experiences of ‘Zumba’, which have empowered me to confront every obstacle in my life with a new attitude. Zumba has truly changed my life and I would like to share my outlook with all readers but specifically directed to those women out there just like me. I was a woman with a certain degree of insecurity, self esteem issues and most of all a lack of confidence in myself. Irrespective of age, I used to carry this burden all my life, always afraid to try new things and step outside of my comfort zone.

With extensive encouragement from my family, I realised life is too short to remain status quo and abstain from exploring and enjoying my hobbies, becoming physically and mentally healthy and most of all simply enjoying life. It was at this point in time that I decided to pick up a motivational magazine and, whilst flicking through it, I came across the newest ‘thing’ for 2009 on how to achieve optimal results for a toned body whilst simultaneously dancing and having fun. This was when I decided to step into this newfound craze-which we all know today as ZUMBA!

Zumba has not only allowed me to lose 2 dress sizes and feel physically and mentally healthy, it has given me the opportunity to find myself and form a new friendship circle, providing me with the opportunity to gain more confidence in myself and in life situations. I have become more independent, where I am able to attend functions and other classes on my own. Zumba has taught me to develop a positive attitude and to strive upwards and never give up no matter how difficult an obstacle. Life has so much to offer when one is willing to try new things and leave the fear aside. Today, I can truly confirm that Zumba changed my life, where all the negatives wilted away and I was in awe of the new me! Whatever sits on the horizon,  I know within myself that Zumba will forever be a part of my life. I love the new me! I love Zumba!!

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